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Mobile License Plate Reader by Pannin

License_Plate_Recognition_LPR   |  Product Id:7093

  • Image 1 - Mobile License Plate Reader by Pannin
  • Image 2 - Mobile License Plate Reader by Pannin
  • Image 3 - Mobile License Plate Reader by Pannin
Our Price:
Toll Free: (866)994-3911
Lead time varies depending on system and quantity. Please call for more details.


Main Features:

  • Multiple Cameras - Up to 8 per vehicle.
  • Multitasking - Runs simultaneously with recording video.
  • “Most Wanted” Lists - Utilizing state and federal hotlists which increases the likelyhood of a realtime catch.
  • Custom Hotlists - Plug in your local most wanted for a tactical advantage on patrol.
  • Intelligence - The efficient backend system gathers and analyzes data ,and acts on specific cars or people of interest.
  • Live - Real Time updates to hotlist and uploads scanned plates.
  • Video Integration - Triggers Video when a hit is made and records pre-hit.
  • Chalking - Remembers a parked vehicles location and alarts the officer when a time limit has passed.
  • Permits - Alerts officer to improperly parked vehicles in permit areas.
  • Integration - Works with Pannin In Car Video System and ADS System for regional archive sharing.

ALPR assists officers in:

  • Searching for Missing Persons.
  • Gathering Intelligence & behavior patterns.
  • Recover Stolen Vehicles.
  • Stop automotive crimes such as drug smuggling and trafficking.
  • Generate revenue from Illegal Parking Offenders.
  • Simplify routine tasks such as chalking or parking permit checks.


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