Avon Protection ST53 Twin Port Special Responder Kit Total Respiratory Protection System, Combines FM53 with advanced breathing apparatus for up to 45 Minute Applications

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The ST53 combines Avon Protection's FM53 mask technology with an advanced modular breathing apparatus to provide positive pressure SCBA and/or PAPR capability for specialist operations.
Developed with the unknown elements of a threat scenario in mind, the ST53™ is the most advanced CBRN respiratory solution on the market.  It enables a fast response to changing operational conditions in one complete modular system.
A switch between negative (filter) and positive (SCBA) pressure is achieved at the flick of a lever on the front of the mask. And by attaching a short (ST53SD) or long duration compressed air cylinder, it is possible to enter a location on filter mode, assess the situation and change to SCBA mode if the need arises.


Compact Demand Valve (CDV)

  • 1st breath activated for “instant on”
  • Rugged, compact design delivers high flow rates
  • Screw-on-design allows for DIN 40 thread

Gauge & Whistle

  • Located on shoulder straps for easy access
  • Positioned for high noise environments and easy gauge reading
  • Illuminated gauge for low-light situations

Stealth Appearance

  • Black low profile design
  • Lightweight compared to traditional SCBA units
  • Silent operation for critical missions


  • Ergonomically contoured backframe for comfort
  • Adjustable harness allows for quick donning / doffing
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort


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Weight for ST53 units (based on empty cylinders)



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