Double Sided Highway Variable Message Board Sign and Trailer by SolarTech

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Silent Messenger MB-122-3048



User-Friendly Menu Driven Programs
Provide for easy creation, modification and display of messages and sequences.
Four Levels of Password Protection Permit users and supervisors or customers to access only the control functions they need to perform their job while restricting access to other functions.
Quick Programming
No experience needed. This option allows user to display a series of messages by following six simple keyboard prompts.
Multilingual LCD Display
User selectable multilingual LCD screen prompts are available in English, Spanish, and French.
Calender/Clock Auto Programming
Program different start and stop times and days. Display different messages at different times of the day and week.
Prewired for Wireless Remote Control

  • Easy to install option.
  • Provides complete control via wireless remote.
  • Easy to use Windows based software.
  • Prewired for Radar Speed


  • Easy to install option.
  • Prewired and preprogrammed to operate radar/speed monitor display.
  • Software Upgrades Free
  • Field-upgradable at no cost for the life of your SILENT MESSENGER.


  • Integrated Design
  • Control console stows vertically on pivoting slides which extend, rotate, and lock into horizontal position for programming.
  • Waterproof Control Panel with Illuminated LCD Display
  • LCD display features 8 lines x 40 characters with graphics.
  • Reliable operations in all kinds of weather.
  • Lighted Keyboard for Night Use.
  • Keyboard lights up when touched and turns off automatically five minutes after the last keystroke.
  • Industrial rated and waterproof.
  • “Auto Track” Display Intensity Control
  • Integrated photocell senses ambient light level and automatically adjusts display intensity to maximize contrast and energy efficiency.
  • Optional Second Controller
  • Allows for independent operation of each sign display.

Display one line, two line, or three line messages.
Choice of six different fonts (character sizes).

Displays symbols, moving arrows, chevrons, graphics, and logos.
Create custom graphics using built in keyboard, or download via remote control.
Weatherproof Display Case

Model# MB-122-3048 (Highway Use)
Length Overall - 180" (457cm)

Width Overall - 92 " (234cm)
Height Traveling - 103" (262cm)
Height Operating - 162" (412cm)
Weight - 3,100 lbs. (1,407 kg)


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