Federal Signal Ford SUV Police Interceptor Utility 2018-2019 Interior Light Bar Spectralux ILS Dual Color Low Profile, In Stock

Red/Blue with White Flood is In Stock and has a lead time of 1 week. Other color options have a 4 week lead time.
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Federal Signals Spectralux ILS Low Profile - Each Lighthead contains 2 colors. For example: Red/Clear. You can use the Red for warning applications and the Clear floor Flood Lighting.

Ideal for undercover and highway law enforcement vehicle applications, the new SpectraLux ILS Low Profile offers a smaller and tighter fit to the front headliner with the same advanced warning, takedown, and flood lighting capabilities as a full-size lightbar. This interior lighting system is available in split front, passenger side, and driver side models for popular police package vehicles. Along with the vehicle specific models, the SpectraLux ILS Low Profile is available in a Multi-Vehicle model. Slotted brackets and side shields in the Multi-Vehicle model offer flexibility to mount the ILS in a larger variety of vehicles including the 2015+ Durango, 2015+ F-150, and the 2013-2015+ Ford Interceptor Utilities.



• Slimmer shrouds offer less windshield obstruction for increased officer safety

• SpectraLux Multicolor LED Technology provides the ability for a single light source to change color while in operation and allows you to specify lighting positions with 2 or 3 colors for: o White LED Flood lighting and Takedown lights o Red/Blue multi-color flashing warning lights

• Models are available with FS Convergence Network for “plug-n-play” installation and programming or a discrete cable

• Also includes Federal Signal ROC and Solaris LED Reflector technologies

• Available in Split-Front Models (8-LED reflectors, 6-LEDs per reflector, per color), Passenger Side only models (4-LED reflectors, 6-LEDs per reflector, per color), or Driver Side only models (4-LED reflectors, 6-LEDs per reflector, per color)

• LEDs available in combinations of Amber, Blue, Red, or White

• Vehicle-specific shrouds prevent flash-back for most common police vehicle applications

• Multi-vehicle shrouds available for compatibility with less common police vehicle applications

• New shroud top-covers hide PC boards creating a more stealth and finished look

Standard programming includes: o Left, Right, and Full Flood o Takedowns o Cruise Mode o Dimming o Intersection Mode o Front cut-off

• Twenty-six flash patterns • Five-year LED warranty • Manufactured in the U.S.A. at our University Park Facility

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