Kustom Signals Directional Golden Eagle II Ka-Band DCM, Dash-Mount Police Radar, single or dual antenna

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Kustom Signals Directional Golden Eagle II  Ka-Band DCM - Traffic Safety Police Radar 


Click Here to view the Golden Eagle 2

Click Here to view the Eagle 2

New directional capabilities allow target discrimination in stationary mode for approaching or receding traffic. The unit also eliminates the need for the operator to select faster or slower targets in same direction mode. New antenna design provides greater range, faster target acquisition, and more precise target identification. Menu options allow the user to choose from four selectable types of output to video systems; toggle or push and hold fastest mode; mph or km/h; and other modes of operation. Same direction/fastest capability allows the unit to display the strongest and the fastest same direction targets simultaneously. Includes stopwatch, fastest vehicle, same direction, directional (all, approaching, and receding), and same lane fastest capabilities. Directional Golden Eagle is only available in KaBand.

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The Eagle II radar series has proven itself as a reliable solution and can be customized to fit for your agency's needs. Available in three models and flexible design, this cost effective product can help keep your agency safe.

All three models include TruTrak™ with VSS and Smart Patrol Search. Golden Eagle II and Directional Golden Eagle II feature Fastest Vehicle mode, Same Direction mode and Stopwatch mode. Directional Golden Eagle II provides directional indication of target.



  • Moving/Stationary Doppler radar system
  • Single or dual Ka band antenna
  • TruTrak with Automatic Mode Switching
  • Smart Patrol Search (SPS)
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for tracking multiple targets, greater accuracy and range sensitivity
  • Simple six-button wired remote
  • Display pair mount
  • Front windshield antenna mount
  • Rear mount, when ordering dual 
  • 6’ (1.8m) front, 18’ (5.5m) rear cable antenna for dual, default
  • Two tuning forks
  • Power cable
  • Operator’s manual on CD
  • Laminated Quick Start Guide 


Patented Features

  •  TruTrak™ VSS interface enables automated switching between moving and stationary modes and virtually eliminates common radar errors like shadowing and combining.
  •  Smart Patrol Search operates when the speedometer input is not connected to reduce shadowing, and combining.



The Eagle II series can be fitted in a wide variety of locations around the vehicle (dashboard, windows, side windows, rear shelf etc) and a series of mounting kits has been especially developed for law enforcement vehicles.



  • Wireless IR remote
  • In-car video interface cable
  • Display separation kit
  • Multiple mounting options including GPS suction or permanent window mounts
  • Multiple cable lengths available including SUV



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