Police SUV Rear Prisoner Transport Seat and Cargo Barrier by Laguna

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  • – Hygenic And Easy To Clean
  • – 3PX-TREME Construction
  • – Certified Laguna 3P Belt System
  • – Braced Steel Cage
  • – Standard Black Seat
  • Certified Ready Buckle Retractable Seat Belt System
  • Laguna 3P Belt System


Now for the Tahoe & Ford Interceptor SUV!

Laguna 3P is proud to introduce the all inclusive 3P Prisoner Transport System for the TAHOE & Ford Interceptor SUV. We combine the ease and safety of a fully molded plastic seat, seat belt system, and integral rear barrier screen. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate barrier to place behind your prisoner seating. The entire system can be installed in one hour. The system has been tested to 150% of D.O.T. requirements and passed. Test results and certification will be furnished upon police department request.

Laguna System 3P Transport Seats use ONLY seat belts certified and labeled to meet Federal DOT/MVSS standards.

We have a “No Small Print Warranty.” Using 3P seat and restraint products will allow for an effective, easy and safe, yet economical system of prisoner control and transport.

Transportation of prisoners often costs more than you think… with destruction of property and personal injuries plus the litigation costs incurred from “out-of-control” or under the “influence” detainees.

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