Solar Powered Silent Advisor Radar Speed Trailer RST 2000 by SolarTech

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Silent Advisor Radar
Speed Detection & Monitoring
Silent Advisor Radar Speed Trailer

High Speed Application Trailer Mounted Radar Speed Display with Amber MFWA (60 Degree) LED Display, 40 Watt Solar Array, 2 Standard Flooded Batteries, Integrated Data Collection, Integrated GPS Receiver, Integrated GSM Modem w/1 Year unlimitted use of SolarTech's Command Center & Command Center Mobile Remote Control Software as well as Houston Radar's Stats Analyzer Radar Data Analysis Software (Model RST-2000)

Length Overall 112 in. (284cm)
Width Overall 75 in. (190cm)
Weight 1,160 lbs (526 kg) approx. (max)
Data Collection and Analysis Software Standard
Available Options
Batteries Four (4) Lead-Acid (flooded) or Two (2) or Four (4) Gel-Cell Maintenance-free
Battery Charger 30 or 45 Amp output (115 VAC 50/60 Hz Input) or 30 or 45 Amp output (230 VAC 50Hz Input)
Display Panel Amber or Red LED Display – 30 deg. Standard or 60 deg. MegaFlux
Radar Speed Unit MPH or KPH (User-Selectable)
Security Package Alarm, including GPS Locator/Recovery System and/or Battery Box Metal Lockdown Frame
Warranty 5 Year Bumper-to-Bumper

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