Solar Powered Silent Advisor Radar Speed Trailer RST1000 by SolarTech

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Silent Advisor Radar
Speed Detection & Monitoring
Silent Advisor Radar Speed Trailer


Low Speed Application Trailer Mounted Radar Speed Display with Amber MFWA (60 Degree) LED Display, 40 Watt Solar Array, 2 Standard Flooded Batteries, Integrated Data Collection, Integrated GPS Receiver, Integrated GSM Modem w/5 Years unlimitted use of SolarTech's Command Center & Command Center Mobile Remote Control Software as well as Houston Radar's Stats Analyzer Radar Data Analysis Software.


Length Overall (Tongue Towing) 117 in. (298cm)
Length Overall (Tongue Stowed) 75 in. (191cm)
Width Overall 56 in. (142cm)
Weight 1,160 lbs (526kg) approx. (max)
Data Collection and Analysis Software Standard


Available Options
Batteries Four (4) Lead-Acid (flooded) or Two (2) or Four (4) Gel-Cell Maintenance-free
Battery Charger 30 or 45 Amp output (115 VAC 50/60 Hz Input) or 30 or 45 Amp output (230 VAC 50Hz Input)
Display Panel Amber or Red LED Display – 30 deg. Standard or 60 deg. MegaFlux
Radar Speed Unit MPH or KPH (User-Selectable)
Security Package Alarm, including GPS Locator/Recovery System and/or Battery Box Metal Lockdown Frame
Warranty 5 Year Bumper-to-Bumper

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