Vehicle Anti Theft SafeStop System

Estimated 2 Weeks
Estimated 2 Weeks

Pro-gard's Safestop Vehicle Anti-theft System is a unique in that it not only protects the vehicle from being stolen but can also protect weapons and trunk contents as well. Our vehicle anti-theft system has the ability to protect the vehicle not only when running but also when it is shut down. Although the system is designed to remain on at all times, it can be shut off or on at your convenience with a simple toggle switch. With the system on, the anti-theft functions are activated whenever the key is out of the ignition. Activating the anti-theft system with a natural movement means there are no additional steps to remember when exiting the vehicle in a hurry.

The added benefits of the trunk and gun rack lock secure features provide further peace of mind in a tense situation by eliminating access to weapons via the gun lock momentary switch or trunk release button. Additional benefits of a brake pedal engine kill and the ability to wire to system to activate with the lightbar or siren make this an even more accommodating piece of equipment that can be easily integrated into any fleet of vehicles.

SafeStop Vehicle Anti-theft Systems

Automatic Function
- Once the switch is turned on, removing keys
from ignition will activate the system. Re-inserting
key into ignition returns vehicle functions back
to normal.
- The vehicle maintains functionality of all electrical
accessories including: heat, A/C, radio, TV/video
surveillance equipment, computer, lights, life saving
devices, etc.

Tamper Proof
- Only anti-theft device on the market that cannot
be overridden by shutting off the activation switch
once the system has been activated.
- Once activated, the system can only be shut down
if the key is in the ignition.

Hands Free Activation
- Can be set up to automatically activate when the
light bar or siren is turned on.

Gun Lock Secure
- An added safety measure hooks up to the gun lock,
ensuring that the weapon cannot be accessed as
long as the SafeStop System is activated.

Trunk Lock Secure
- An added safety measure connects to trunk latch,
ensuring that the trunk cannot be opened as long
as the SafeStop System is activated, even with the
vehicle turned off.

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